2014 Spring Hot Sheet

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2014 Spring Hot Sheet
"What's New - What's Hot - What's Selling!"
Great New products, specials and ideas to help make 2014 your store's Best Spring Ever! Including Great Ideas for Mother's & Father's Day 
Hopefully, warmer, more Spring-like weather is arriving for many of you.  Even the most enthusiastic winter-lovers are relieved to see an end to the bitter cold temperatures and often dangerous conditions which were felt by many across the country this winter season.  The good news is, the cold, snowy winter of 2014 has meant a great increase in seed sales!  Several other positive results as we enter the spring season are lower seed prices with better availability and also an improving economy.  We truly believe 2014 has the potential to be the best year experienced in a long while for most of you.  In this Hot Sheet, you will find some great ideas and new products to help make this happen.  Read on!
We have finally completed our 50% increase in warehouse space, of which was much needed and long-anticipated for several reasons.  Here we grow again!  We have taken on more great, new lines.  As we've grown our selection to insure you have access to the latest and greatest new products, our need for space has become crucial.  The addition allows us to maintain our historic 99% in stock rate and our guaranteed same day shipping on all 10,000+ products we stock in order to serve the needs of the Backyard Nature & Gift Industries.  With the new space available we have started the process of concentrating on offering greatly expanded lines of products for what we call; Coastal Gifts, Lodge Gifts (lakes, mountains, etc.) and Winery Gift Shops.  Accounts in each of these areas have told us that just like shops in the Backyard Nature Industry, they too need our key benefits of:
  • No minimums per item or line
  • Free Freight on $300+ orders
  • Same day shipping on orders received by 1:00 CST with 95% of our products not available in mass discounters
  • Friendly help and support by people who care
We are concentrating first on Wine Gift Shop items and recently had 2 great shows where thousands of Wine Gift Shop owners attended.  We felt some of you would be interested in these new offerings and we've put together a catalog from our subsidiary Wine Gift Distributing.  All products can be part of a Gold Crest order placed online, by phone, fax or email.
While we're excited to announce the above, please know that at Gold Crest and Songbird Essentials, we will not take our eye off the Backyard Nature Ball.  We are planning to grow 20% with our Wild Bird Line in 2014!  Those of you we've served for years are our friends as well as our customers.  Our goal as always is to Help YOU Become More Successful!
What's NEW at Gold Crest!
  • Burley Clay - We are happy to announce that you can now buy the Burley Clay line of products from Gold Crest in 2 ways.  If you are used to ordering Burley Clay by the pallet, or considering it, we at Gold Crest will now gladly take your order and place it for you.  By billing through GCD, you can combine with other GCD orders.  This means less PO's to cut and send, resulting in less checks to write and mail.  *Note, you will be charged freight on Burley Clay; both on the above option as well as the following request which many of you have made to us.  All the best selling Burley Clay baths are now stocked at Gold Crest in individual boxes that allows your store to order just 1 or have us drop ship 1 to your customer (normal drop ship program fees and freight apply).  As stated even on store orders in stock, Burley Clay will not be part of our Free Freight Program.  Check us out!  We feel you'll find our Burley Clay 6+ unit net delivered price to be very competitive to other options.  Need a Burley Clay catalog?  Call us!
  • Jazzy Artz - Check out this fantastic new line of cutting boards, bag tags, mouse pad/trivets and coaster sets.  While part of the Wine Flier, we also stock beautiful flower and garden designs, birds and butterflies coming soon.  Try this line!
  • Moultrie - This is a sister company of Wingscapes and we've recently added dozens of their game and scenery cameras as well as Deer Feeders.  Many backyard owners have been asking for this line as well as rural retailers.
What's New, Selling & On Sale from other Great lines at Gold Crest!
  • Adventure Publications - We've added all their new books.  Every store should sell this fantastic state-specific line!
  • Alice's Cottage - We added dozens of new products and now stock nearly every product they sell!
  • Aspects - Trish, Barry and crew have done it again.  Fantastic new products from this popular line.
  • Ancient Graffiti - The dozens of miniature garden items we added are selling fantastically!  This is a trend we believe is far from peaking.
  • Bees-N-Things - Now is the time to promote and sell their Carpenter Bee Traps - Newly Improved!
  • Best For Birds - Lots of great new products including Beautiful Tea Cup Feeders, children's items, bee homes and more!
  • Birdhouse Spy Cam - New Hawk Eye HD Camera
  • Blue Handworks - Great products from this line - several new ones!
  • Brome Bird Care - Great products from our #1 $$$ line!
  • Chronicle Books - New finger puppet children books and more!
  • Coles Wild Bird Seed - Every day we grow with this line - Shouldn't you?
  • Conant Custom Brass - Thermometer feeders, top sellers!  Promote these items for Mother's & Father's Day!
  • Coyne's Company - Lots of new items.  Several great Mother's Day ideas.
  • DZI Handmade Designs - We've added their finger puppets and metal Tibet chimes to their great selling woolie ornaments and felt birdhouses.  Try 'em all!
  • Echo Valley - EV4570 Firefly Lantern continues to be a top seller!
  • Elegant Garden Design - Continues to be a top seller including new plant picks and window ornaments.
  • Evergreen - Dozens of new wine gift and other items.
  • Fiddler's Elbow - Several new kitchen towels in the Wine Gift catalog.
  • Good Directions - Dozens of new items including hose pots, boot trays and dozens of new weathervanes for garden and roof mount.
  • Hi-Look - Several new great cleaner cloth designs.
  • Hugs Pet Products - Great "cooling toys and mats" for your customer's pets.
  • In the Breeze - Dozens of new spinners, wind socks and more!
  • Lewers - Holy Cow!  We're adding dozens of new cards, guides, posters and more!
  • Luvali Flap Jack Children's Reversible Sun Protection Hats - We added several great new designs.  A super line for Spring and Summer!
  • Magnet Works - Lots of new flags, door mats, etc.  Plus, we now stock their DrinkBlots and Art Poles.  Don't miss the Birdhouse and Birdbath Art Poles.
  • Panacea - Their new Trellis and Wind Spinners are selling fantastically.
  • Premier Designs - New items including Red Solo Cup Spinner #1 2014 seller for them.
  • Pumpernickel Press - We've added nearly 100 new designs including dozens of new coastal cards.
  • Regal Gift - Fantastic sellers, especially new chickens.
  • Rossos - Great items from this vendor!
  • Smart Solar (STI) - The best solar and new Tangiers Ceramic Jar and others are selling fantastically.
  • Songbird Essentials - Great Spring Sellers Include:
    • Dr. JB's Hummingbird Feeders - 16, 32, 48 & 80 oz.  Switchables Sizing World's Best Hummingbird Feeder!
    • Their fantastic line-up of nectars with NO artificial dyes including new:
      • SE643 - 2 liter red ready-to-use Hummingbird nectar
      • SE644 - 2 liter orange ready-to-use Oriole nectar
      • SE645 - 24 oz can orange Oriole Dry Nectar
    • SE952 - Absolutely the best 8 oz (easy to clean) long-lasting inexpensive feeder to get folks hooked on feeding Hummingbirds.  Pre-filled with nectar for less than $3.30.  Try them!
    • Our #1 Seller SEHHHUMS - Copper Hummingbird Swing!
    • The fantastic line of feeders previously known as Holland Hill (SEHH items) Test Tube Window Feeder, Hand Held Wand Feeders and Bluebird Feeders.  Make sure you use the videos on YouTube to help sell these items.
    • SE905 - The Ultimate Oriole Feeder is absolutely the best for a super price.  Made in America, like 90% of Songbird Essentials Products.
    • Bobbo's Line - Especially new Gordo Birdhouses and Thermometers.
    • New PMCA Gourd line and new starter Purple Martin Gourd Pole.  Only gourds endorsed by PMCA and not pushed direct to consumer and starter kit allows consumers to get into a quality gourd system for under $200 with keystone margins to you!
    • Clear Window Feeders and Window House Line (made at Looker)
Promote Songbird Essentials - They Sell!  Your customers will love'em and you can make good margins as they are guaranteed not to be sold by nationwide mass discounters or by Amazon direct.
  • Vortex Optics - Absolutely the best value in birding optics!  Try'em!
  • Wild Delight - Check out net delivered pricing and our same day shipping.  Every day another retailer discovers GCD is their best value for Wild Delight.
  • Woodlink - This is a large volume vendor.  Check them out!
  • Woodstock Chimes - We not only now stock nearly every one of their chimes, but also their children's musical item line.  Try it!
Have you signed up for electronic invoicing?  If not, what are you waiting for?  It will help GCD save thousands of dollars in postage and printing, which would help us continue to offer free freight at our low $300 minimum.  Most importantly, you would instantly get a copy verifying everything shipped on your order with tracking numbers for you to verify when it would be delivered to you.  Plus, by being on electronic invoicing, you would also automatically get weekly specials, updates and great business profit builders.  You can easily sign up for electronic invoicing by sending an email to sales@goldcrestdistributing.com and mention that you would like to start receiving invoices electronically.
We encourage you to get on your calendar now and get transportation plans set to attend the Wild Bird Expo.  The show is October 7, 8 & 9 and will be held for the first time in conjunction with the "Heart of America Gift Show."  Our 40,000+ new sq.' building allows us to have dozens of new vendors and thousands of new products!  Sign up today at www.wildbirdexpo.com.
Finally, we would like to say a big "Thank You!" to all of you which allow us to serve you!  To those of you with which we don't yet do business, what are you waiting for?  Have a fantastic Spring selling season!
Mel, Bev, Grant, Becky & Crew
"A Family Business Serving Independent Retailers."
PH: 888.985.2473
Fax: 866.340.9670


Food for Thought

When I read the attached article from Pet Business Magazine titled "What Tomorrow Brings" by Jennifer Boncy, I thought:"Wow! Many of the same challenges our industry faces is true for the Pet Industry as well!"  Pet industry experts have concerns over attracting support from future generations of pet owners.  According to Scott Brenner, president of Jack's Pets, "Twenty years ago, a five-year-old wanted their first hamster, bunny or aquarium; today, they want their first (or most likely, second) new video game console. While we don't have to worry about a shut-down of our key consumers (wild birds), etc., we do face threats from laws prohibiting bird feed, etc. 

We've decided to share this not to scare you, but to cause us all to think about our challenges (many the same as pet).  We will be responding to this concern at this year's Wild Bird Expo on October 7, 8 and 9.  We will have a seminar designed for all in this industry to discuss these issues.  

If you have thoughts / ideas on this and/or other topics challenging our industry which you would be interested in learning more about or becoming a potential seminar learning experience at this year's Expo, let us know!  Email info@wildbirdexpo.com. You can sign up for this year's Expo now and ensure top accomodations. Visit www.wildbirdexpo.com.  


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