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Blue Jay
  • JunocoAs cold weather arrives many birds will begin to migrate to warmer climates, but some will remain. We will tend to see Blue Jays gathering around our feeders and trees no matter the weather. The Blue Jay is a very recognizable year-round bird.

  • Blue Jays are not actually blue, the pigment in their feathers is brown. Light scatters through the structural parts of the feathers causing us to see blue.

  • The oldest known Blue Jay lives to be over 17 years old, being two years older than the oldest recorded Northern Cardinal.

  • Blue Jays are omnivores, but the majority of their diet is vegetation, berries, and acorns.

  • Blue Jays are known for eating other bird’s eggs but this is not a common habit and is actually quite rare.

  • Blue Jays have the ability to mimic the calls of hawks. These calls can be a warning to other Blue Jays or to trick other species.

  • Blue Jays are typically monogamous and will remain with their partner until one of them passes away.