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Dark-eyed Juncos
  • JunocoMany think of Juncos as “snowbirds” and there is a good reason! Juncos spend the winter in the cool central United States. So, when the Juncos appear you know that winter is near! They spend the spring and summer in the northern United States and Canada.

  • Dark-eyed Juncos are one of the five most common feeder birds at winter feeders in the United States. They are easily identifiable with distinctive white bellies and dark black eyes.

  • Juncos are mostly ground and platform feeders. They enjoy millet mixed with cracked corn and sunflower hears. They are lively territorial birds that are primarily ground dwellers. They not only enjoy millet but berries, insects and small fruits. Almost one third of a Junco’s winter diet is ragweed seeds!

  • Juncos nest on the ground in tufts of weeds, on mud banks, fallen logs and rocks. They use a variety of materials such as twigs. Moss, grasses and shreds of bark.

  • A ground level water source providing clean water throughout the winter will be an easy way to attract these fun birds as well as other wildlife!