Gold Crest Distributing

FTP Information

What's an FTP?  Why do I need or want to use this to help grow my business?  What's it all about anyway?

These are questions you might have which we are happy to help answer.  Our FTP (literal definition - File Transfer Protocol) is simply a place you can go to get information on the 1000's (close to 8000 at last count) of products we stock.  Yes, our website is also a great place to look at what Gold Crest has to offer, but when you are looking to add these items to your store and / or simply require specific information about our products for a detailed need, you should look no further than our FTP.  It's simple to access and we only have one requirement for use: you must read over and sign our Media Release Form for your protection and ours.

Here are some elements to our FTP which might be useful to you:


We provide for your use (whatever the need may be) high quality images of the products YOU want to stock in your physical or online store.  If we don't have it, or you require something different, let us know.  We will work hard to get what you are looking for.  Images are located in folders labeled by the manufacturer.  We keep these separate from the data spreadsheet for a couple reasons, but primarily because ease of download means it's more user-friendly for you, the customer.

Our Product Master Table: This is the "meat & potatoes" of the FTP.  This spreadsheet contains the following information & MORE:

  • Descriptions - we ask our vendors for 2-3 sentences to describe their product.
  • UPC information
  • Weights
  • Dimensions
  • Pricing
  • Country of Origin
  • Daily updated Inventory levels

Weekly Updates: Though this is also emailed out every Friday, we offer an easily downloadable folder which contains this information.  If you are not receiving our Friday emails - you SHOULD be - sign up on our website or call and ask for Dawn 888-985-2473 to start receiving these NOW.

Though we are confident that our FTP site will be very beneficial to you, we are always making improvements.  Keep in mind that the information which is available has come directly from the manufacturers.  If at any time you have questions or concerns regarding the data or images, please let us know!  This is just another way that we can make sure to always provide the best to you.  Our goal by providing you information to help grow your business is, as always, to HELP YOU BE MORE SUCCESSFUL.