Gold Crest Distributing

Specific Bird Selling


  • Whether using our displays or your own, you will enjoy the ability to change layout easily as seasons and specific birds change.
  • Ability to enhance store image with stunning bird signage (available for purchase) from premier wild bird photographer Steve Maslowski.
  • Our displays are enhanced with cedar trim to delight the senses as well as slat wall to make display changes easier.
  • Creating four-sided displays also enhances the color and appearance all the way around.
  • The ability to customize your own look by selecting what works best in your area.


  • Consumers love the ability to find both functional items to attract certain birds, as well as gift items.
  • Offers unique products that are NOT available to the mass.
  • Each display contains dozens of different SKU's from a variety of different vendors.
  • Ability to buy less than case quantities.
  • Ability to update and add new products as they become available.  Lead Not Follow the Market!


  • Makes your store and staff knowledgeable, which only increases sales!
  • Tips sheets for each zone are available to help staff recommend and consumers find products for the birds they are looking for.
  • Promotes seed sales within the store!  Specific Bird Selling® also promotes the sale of specific bird seed blends.
  • Ability to quickly restock items that sell!
  • By-the-Bird In-Store DVD helps customers choose products and employees train and grasp knowledge of birding.
  • Access to Online Wild Bird University, which is an excellent training tool to educate yourself and employees.
  • Newspaper, TV, and Radio ads as well as newsletters available to help your store sell!
  • Postcard Program & Twice Per Year Circular Program.

Why Settle for Just Selling Wild Bird Products?  Put the Specific Bird Selling
® System to Work in Your Store for Increased Sales and Margins and Increased Customer Satisfaction!

Specific Bird Samples