Gold Crest Distributing

Tips Brochures


Q. Do your employees know what products to recommend when someone inquires about each of the following birds they would like to attract or subjects they would like to discuss?





Squirrel Resistant

Squirrel Lovers






Birds in the Winter

Q. Do you wish you had in writing a way to train employees on the above?

Q. Would you like a full-color flier that does the above, includes "no cost" tips consumers love, and is personalized with your store's name, address, easy to find directions, telephone number, and website (should you desire)???

A. We have what you need-You'll find attached the item numbers on each of our available "Tips" Brochures. If you did not receive samples with this flier, please feel free to ask for one. Look over the Tips Brochures (please note: they are copyrighted). You'll find they offer a great deal of "Free Tips", and help you and staff know how to display and recommend products. Use these fliers:

  • As handouts by the special product areas (i.e. Hummingbird/brochure by Hummingbird products, etc.). They'll help you sell lots of gifts, books, and add on sales to functional products. Example: The flier helps you sell Nectar Protector Ant Moats, and Songbird Essential Hummingbird Brush Kits to folks that buy Hummingbird feeders
  • At the checkout and counter areas as handouts
  • As handouts at seminars, home shows, and other event
  • As bag stuffers (i.e. Insert Hummingbird Flier in every bag at Spring time-Cardinal Flier in every bag in November and December

Q. What do the fliers cost?

A. If you have purchased the appropriate Specific Bird Selling Zone we provide you 100 brochures free for each zone you purchased. Otherwise they are $9.00 per hundred, per brochure, "With Your Contact Information Custom Printed on Them!" A great deal!

Q. I don't stock all the products in the flier-Isn't that a problem?

A. No-It's important you stock some of the key products, but remember, from Gold Crest you can buy just one of almost anything. In test markets when folks asked for items not stocked-Stores offered to special order on their next Gold Crest order, and customers were pleased!! Again, possible to do as we'll sell you just one!

Q. You don't see the item number under every product-Why?

A. We didn't want to make it easily possible for consumers or your competitors to (1) Source the product. (2) Price compare on the web or elsewhere. We did include the numbers of products we bring to market, but they are backed by the assurance to you that we will not sell them to mass discount stores and we'll do our best to enforce minimum profitable margins for you! (MAP Pricing.)

Q. Is freight charged on fliers?

A. No-When placed as part of a $300+ order from Gold Crest. Please try and give us at least 24 hours advanced order on at least the flier portion of your order. Actual freight costs will be charged when fliers alone are added