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Bountiful Birdie Mix 5lb bag.plus freight

Bountiful Birdie Mix 5lb bag.plus freight

Songbird Essentials Premium Bird Seed is designed for optimal Songbird attraction and health! All Natural with No Fillers! Bountiful Birdie contains White Millet, milo, Black Oil Sunflower, Grey Striped Sunflower and Wheat. Attracts Juncos, Chickadees, Doves, White Crowned Sparrow, Quail, Cardinals and More! Also available in 20lb and 40lb bags.

Freight costs will be added to all seed purchases. As with all commodities, seed price fluctuates daily. Our goal is to update prices only when necessary. Seed purchases are preferred to be set up on an ACH basis providing a 3% discount to our customers. ACH pulls will take place when seed orders ship. Credit cards can be used for seed purchases, however the 3% ACH discount will not be applied.

Please note that all seed orders of 200# are sent directly to our manufacturer for fulfillment and lead time averages 1 – 2 weeks.

Additional Product Details
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UPC # 645194561304
Manufacturer Songbird Essentials
Model / Item Number SESEED130GC
Case Quantity 1 (case quantity not required)
Country of Origin USA
Weight 5.00 lbs
Dimensions 16.50 (D) x 9.00 (W) x 3.00 (H) inches
Dimensions (Metric) 41.91 (D) x 22.86 (W) x 7.62 (H) centimeters
Categories Seed
Tags Made In USA, Grey
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